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April 3, 2016
North Brooklyn Boat Club

Brooklyn, NY – The North Brooklyn Boat Club will present a Conversation with The New Explorers author Kris Timken, writer, activist, and art critic Lucy R. Lippard, and artist Marie Lorenz. This event is open and free to the public and will engage the community on the topic of art and activism.

437 McGuinness Blvd
Brooklyn, NY 11222

A Conversation And Book Signing: The New Explorers By Kris Timken
November 19, 2015

Oregon College of Art and Craft
7 PM (doors open at 6:45 PM)

Portland, OR – Oregon College of Art and Craft (OCAC) will present a Conversation with author Kris Timken, artists Camille Seaman, Linda K. Johnson, curator Prudence Roberts and PSU Professor Ethan Seltzer as part of the OCAC Connection: Intersecting Tradition and Innovation speaker series.  This event is open and free to the public and will engage the community in bringing makers and thinkers of international renown to explore the relationship of craft to other disciplines and fields.


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FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE: November 18, 2015
By Kris Timken

In the twenty-first century, even the farthest reaches of the earth have been observed, mapped, and photographed. With so little geographic territory left to discover on earth, what is the role of the contemporary artist-explorer?

The New Explorers presents the topography of everydayness as ripe for cultural exploration by a new type of explorer. As the American public slowly begins to let go of outdated mythologies—such as the fantasy of true nature as pristine and the antidote for the ills of civilization—there is space and, more importantly in the wake of climate change, the need to make new cultural meaning.


THE NEW EXPLORERS (Conveyance Press: On Sale November 18, 2015) is an examination of the contemporary American landscape through the eyes of twelve influential female artist-adventurers. An illustrated narrative with an introduction by venerable author and critic Lucy R. Lippard, The New Explorers follows artist and writer Kris Timken as she travels across the country to talk with these extraordinary women about their work in her quest to understand how artists make meaning in landscape. The conversations that emerge reveal themes that override our long-held notions of beauty and entropy and offer fresh, exciting perspectives. The New Explorers moves well beyond the boundaries of the art world to make unexpected connections between history, geography, and visual culture in the twenty-first-century landscape.

Kris Timken began her career as an artist after graduating from Stanford with a degree in history. Timken owned and ran the innovative 365 Hayes gallery in San Francisco for three years before returning to school to pursue a dual MFA and MA degree from California College of the Arts. It was there that she began her research for The New Explorers. Timken’s visual and scholarly work has been published and shown around the United States and Europe, and she is currently pursuing a doctoral degree in visual studies at University of California, Santa Cruz.