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Conversations and Performance Art: Linda K. Johnson’s The View from Here

In the spring of 1999, over a period of three months, dance artist Linda K. Johnson created a site-specific performance with the urban growth boundary (UGB) program in Portland, Oregon, as its subject. The UGB sets an outer limit on … Continue reading

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Suné Woods: Landscape and Memory

Suné Woods’s photographs challenge American preconceptions about whose bodies “belong” in nature and counter the “common sense” notion of rural geography as simply empty space. Woods began her spatial inquiry after a particular self-portrait elicited a strong reaction from her … Continue reading

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Amy Balkin: Private Ownership, Public Space, and the Commons

Amy Balkin’s work addresses a fundamentally American question: Who owns the land? She’d once envisioned a desert Eden that would belong to all human beings but quickly discovered that there is no legal construct in the United States for a … Continue reading

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Sarah Kanouse: Offering an Alternate Sensory Engagement with Place

  In her fascinating work America Ponds, Sarah Kanouse inhabits a unique version of the character of the explorer. This artist’s version of a naturalist is distinct in that one has “a skewed vision of what that world might be, … Continue reading

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Cynthia Hooper: The Poetics of Infrastructure

Cynthia Hooper’s passion for infrastructure is palpable. She is a self-described “infrastructure geek.” Trained as a painter, Hooper applies a formal aesthetic approach—emphasizing light and color—to her video work. The project we discussed is a collection of videos about water … Continue reading

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